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Weighted Buddy Collection

Emotional security designed for littlies. Our sensory buddies focus on the known senses: taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. Our Weighted Buddy Collection, featuring 5 sensory friends, is backed by evidence-based research, helping to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Core benefits:

✔️ Promotes calmness by providing proprioceptive inout

✔️ Helps regulate emotions

✔️ Soothes feelings of panic and improves sleep

About Each Sense
Sensory toys are beneficial for all children. They support the development of language and motor skills, help with cognitive growth, foster interactions, and encourage experimentation. Charlie the weighted puppy dog
Charlie the Weighted Puppy Dog:
Ollie the Weighted Octopus: Ollie brings the gift of touch, his sensory superpower. He’s there for you to calm you down, and help you feel secure.
Francesca the Weighted Flamingo: Francesca's superpower is the sense of taste. Francesca is here to show you how to use taste to enjoy life’s surprises.
Frankl the Weighted Fox: Frankl celebrates the magic of sight, his distinctive sensory strength. He’s your guide to a world of vibrant visions, always there for a comforting gaze or a shared moment of wonder.
Eleanor the Weighted Elephant: Eleanor embodies the wonder of hearing, her unique sensory gift. She’s your listening partner, always ready to share a lullaby or tune into the world’s melodies with you.