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FREE GIFT - Mindful Colouring Pack

Our Mindful Colouring Pack featured on Oprah's Favourite Things 2021 List

The Mindful Colouring Pack includes our ABC's of Mindfulness & Affirmation Colouring Pencils.

Core Benefits:

✔ Inspires self-love

✔ Improves confidence

✔ Promotes creativity

About ABC's Of Mindfulness
The simple act of colouring-in has the potential to become a fun yet mindful ritual that improves one’s wellbeing. Pull ABCs of Mindfulness out anywhere, any time for a moment of pause, relaxation and focus (for you and for them) and experience the benefits of mindful poems and colouring-in for years to come.
About Affirmation Pencils
Inspire self-love, confidence and positive self-talk in your little love with our beautifully crafted affirmation pencils. Designed to encourage moments of calm, your child will love colouring their world with our Affirmation Colouring Pencils, while promoting the endless benefits of mindfulness.