Mindful and Co Kids Pty Ltd Trading Terms

This agreement sets out the respective rights and obligations of you and Mindful and Co Kids.

Pricing - As we use the highest quality sustainable material and ingredients in the creation of our products. An updated pricelist will be forwarded to you in the event of a price adjustment. All prices are exclusive of GST. Mindful and Co Kids reserves the right to amend pricing at any time without notice.

Minimum Order - All orders placed must not be less than our minimum order value, which is $250.00

Liability & Faulty Goods - Mindful and Co Kids will not be responsible for any loss, damage or personal inquiry sustained by the stockist or the stockist’s clients/customers as a result of the use of Mindful and Co Kids products.

Trademarks & Copyright - The stockist is permitted to use Mindful and Co Kids logos, images and other promotional material, in connection with Mindful and Co Kids products. The stockist will not make any substantial claims in the name of Mindful and Co Kids.

Sale of Products - The stockist will not sub-distribute to other stockists r re sell on third party platforms.

The Stockist will not resell testers. Full-size testers are available at a discount of 20% from wholesale price (WSP). It is recommended that our stockists on-sell our products at their recommended retail price (RRP), but the stockist does have discretion should they wish to charge an alternate price. Aromatherapy products should be stored and displayed away from direct sunlight and below 30 degrees. As the products do not contain preservatives, products are generally best sold and used within twelve months, though their shelf-life may be extended with refrigeration.

Payment & Settlement - Bank details: NAME: Mindful and Co Kids Pty Ltd BSB: 034 610 ACCOUNT: 371 365 Mindful and Co Kids may ask for a deposit of up to 50% to confirm an order. In the event of a deposit requirement, Mindful and Co Kids will advise the buyer upon receipt of order. Orders are to be dispatched after full payment is received, unless a ‘COD’ situation has been agreed upon by both Mindful and Co Kids and the stockist. Payments may be made via EFT or credit card (please note a 2% surcharge applies for card payments).

Credit Card Claims - Claims for shortages, loss, or damage must be made in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods. Photos of evidence of goods that have arrived damaged are to be sent. Products that have arrived damaged will be replaced, credited, or refunded. Mindful and Co Kids reserves the right to issue either a replacement, credit note or refund as it sees fit. The stockist understands that there may be slight variation between batches regarding the aromatherapy sprays. This is normal due to the nature of the ingredients, and because product lines are not mass-produced. Batches are made fresh and to-order to ensure maximum shelf life.

Title of Goods - All products remain the title of Mindful and Co Kids until paid for in full. Title passes to the stockist only once the stockist has paid all that is owed in respect to the goods. In the event that a stockist fails to pay for goods, Mindful and Co Kids will be entitled to repossess the goods. To this purpose, Mindful and Co Kids may enter the stockist’s premises for the sole purpose of retaking possession of the said goods. We reserve the right to charge the stockist for any and all costs incurred in recovering outstanding monies.

Ordering - Orders may be placed in writing. We will endeavour to send order out as soon as possible. Please allow approximately two weeks, unless otherwise informed. Mindful and Co Kids will check each order throughout the dispatch process prior to delivery. It is the stockist’s responsibility to alert Mindful and Co Kids of any stock discrepancies in writing within 24 hours.

Delivery - For national metro orders, a freight fee of $20 applies for up to 10kg of product, or $25 for orders in excess of 10kg.
For remote orders, a freight fee of $30 applies. Orders over $800 will travel freight free to all areas of Australia. Please email our team for international freight prices.

Agreement - The stockist understands that all or part of this agreement may be deleted, altered, and/or inclusions made without your prior consent and/or notification. Where practicable, we will notify you in writing prior to inception, but we are not bound by this agreement to do so. Mindful and Co Kids may reject or refuse to accept a stockist without notifying cause or reason.
In signing and dating this Agreement, the stockist accepts all terms and conditions.

Where the stockist is a company or trust, the director/s or beneficiaries agree to unconditionally and irrevocably personally guarantee the company’s or trust’s obligations under this Agreement, and acknowledge they provide this guarantee by signing this Agreement as guarantor.