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Our Philosophy

A mindful impact

Our children follow our actions much more than words. By setting a habitual precedent to our littles, we hope to instill a ritual of mindfulness that has a ripple effect of positivity that will not only flow into their lives, but their day to day interactions and relationships with family and

Life skills to thrive

Compassion. Resilience. Empathy and Focus. In empowering our next generation to be champions of their own wellbeing, we hope to lay healthy foundations to help them navigate the physical, mental, and emotional roadblocks they’ll face throughout their life - enabling them to lead happier, more resilient and healthier lives, no matter the circumstances.

Fun and engaging

We know that little minds are springing off every which way as they soak in the
adventure of modern life. That’s why we’re absolutely committed (as mummies
ourselves!) to foster an environment that’s fun, engaging and interactive, encouraging all littlies to participate. Through mindfulness and thoughtful living, you will see a noticeable difference in the way they absorb, think and interact.