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Our Founder

Jacqueline Yeats The Visionary Behind *Mindful & Co Kids

Jacqueline Yeats embodies the transformative essence of mindfulness. Her role as a clinical psychotherapist, focusing on the welfare of young minds, has been augmented by her academic insights, including a research-based master's degree that investigates the impact of mindfulness-based interventions on stress disorders among young adults. Jacqueline's professional path is a personal one, too—mindfulness was her bastion during her own struggles with post-natal depression.

Combining the empathy of a healer with the nurturing spirit of a mother, Jacqueline is devoted to equipping youth with mindfulness tools—tools she considers not just advantageous, but vital for managing the intricacies of today's world with emotional wisdom and resilience. Her vision transcends the mere creation of products. She is fostering a community where children can evolve into their most authentic selves, ready to embrace the future with optimism and tranquility. Join us at Mindful & Co Kids in embracing Jacqueline's dream: to plant the seeds of mindfulness in the present and watch them blossom into a future that's more luminous and gentle for our children