Mindful Night Time Routine for Kids

Creating a mindful night time routine for your child will not only calm your little one down and get them ready for a peaceful sleep it also offers a beautiful opportunity for you to connect with them at the end of each day.
Practice this mindful night time ritual with your littlies and cherish these special moments:

Stop screen time 2 hours before bed

Dim the lighting and stop all screen time 2 hours before bed time. This will send a message to your little loves brain to get ready for sleep.

Practice mindful eating

Chew food thoroughly at dinner time / putting knife and fork down between mouthfuls. Talk about your day.

Create a sensory bath time experience

Add essential oils and bubbles to their bath. Ask them how the sensations feel on their skin and if they can smell the essential oils as they breathe in.

Read a chapter of their favourite book

Reading each night to your little love is a wonderful way to connect with them after a long day.

Diffuse oils

To end the evening right before sleep time spray a few spritzes of lavender & chamomile scented oils into the air. 

Say 3 things your are grateful for

Both take 3 deep breaths and say 3 things you are grateful for.