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March 24, 2021 2 min read

Mindful Easter Activity

As well as being a great time for having fun & relaxing, the Easter holidays are the perfect time to encourage your littlies to practice their mindfulness in an engaging and interactive way. 

While an Easter egg hunt is probably number one on the list, there are so many other activities you can do with your minis to practice their mindfulness and keep the whole family busy!

To help you get started and explore all the amazing benefits for yourself we have created this easy Easter activity for you to do at home with your little loves.

Make your own Easter Sponge Stamps

Create these fun & reusable Easter sponge stamps one afternoon these holidays. Here's what you'll need to get started:
Plain sponges - use plain sponges that don't have scrubbers on the back
Strong scissors 
Acrylic paint
White cardstock - use A3 size so it's a bigger area for the kids to stamp on
Plate - for stamping the sponges in with paint

Directions for Easter sponge painting:

1. Trace the shape of an egg or bunny onto a sponge using a sharpie marker. You can either draw free hand or draw around a template. Make enough sponge shapes so that you have one egg or bunny to dip into each colour you are planning to use. 

2. Now cut out your designs (adults for this one). Make sure to use heavy duty scissors, don't worry too much about the edges not being perfect. Once the shape is cut out you can go back and round out the edges with the scissors. Do this for the side that will be stamped down. 

3. Dip the sponges into paint and press them onto the paper. Once dry you could use the artwork as Easter cards! 

 We hope you enjoy making your own Easter art sponges this year!