How to cope with change

 “If we don't change, we don't grow.

If we don't grow, we aren't really living.”

 -Gail Sheehy


Everyday life is changing and how we learn to cope with it greatly affects our overall wellbeing. When you are faced with a challenge, how do you respond?
Why not stand up to the challenge and invite yourself to be your best self? This way you can build resilience - the ability to make it through any of life's challenges.
Negative things happen, you really never know! This is why embracing the present moment is so important, when all is possible, including how you respond to both stressful and joyful situations.
Remember, the choice is yours.

Stick to Your Practices

When the going gets rough, you feel stressed, upset, angry, or don't understand why something is happening, the temptation to lose your regular meditation practice or morning self-care routine may get thrown out the window. Instead, you may find yourself oversleeping or dragging around the house getting ready instead of really taking care of yourself so you can adapt to whatever the situation is at hand.
What does this mean? Discipline! Dealing with change requires discipline. Change is a constant, it is our daily rituals, routines, and meditations that create consistency in life.

Journal It Out 

Instead of lashing out at loved ones or coworkers (possibly making situations worse), put pen to paper and get those negative thoughts out of your head. You may find yourself feeling noticeably lighter in both your head and your heart.

Be Grateful

It may be hard, but, count your blessings you have the opportunity to change. Through change comes growth. So say it out loud, write down, or think it upon waking or before going to bed. Infuse your challenging changing times with a positive attribute and you will see just how you can learn to shift your perception of difficulty.