Mindful christmas gift guide for kids

Introducing our very Mindful Christmas Gift Guide for kids. Introduce the practice of yoga with our Yoga Flash Cards, spark creativity with our Mindful Colouring Pack or develop a growth mindset with our Happy Hearts Board Game. There's a  mindful Christmas gift idea for all the special little loves in your life.


Yoga Flash Cards

For the little yogi in your life who may be completely new to the practice of yoga or a yogi who already understands the concept, our beautifully illustrated pack of 26 Yoga Flash Cards goes through 26 yoga poses each with an illustration and poem on the back of the card of how to create the pose. Little yogis can put together their own yoga flows for morning, afternoon and night or just when

they feel like moving!



Mindful Colouring Pack

Featured on Oprah's Favourite Things 2021 list our Mindful Colouring Pack includes our ABCs of Mindfulness Colouring book and Affirmation Colouring Pencils. This pack is perfect for littlies of all ages and can be pulled out anytime, anywhere for a moment of relaxation, pause and focus. 



Happy Hearts Board Game

The perfect alternative to screen time our Happy Hearts Board Game is loving blend of joy, science and healthy brain training. As you journey around the board you will be met with Yoga Poses, our thought provoking Happy Cards, Funny Faces, Monkey Brain, Sleepy Sloth and Jumping Joey. This game is guaranteed lots of giggles and family fun!



A-Z Mindful Affirmation Cards

Build confidence, spread positivity and invite joy into your child's life with our charming A-Z Mindful Affirmation Cards. These beautifully illustrated cards can be treasured for years to come.



Patience Pebbles

Bring a calming effect into your home as your little one discovers the art of mindfulness through play with our set of sustainably packaged Patience Pebbles.



Gratitude Mail

We have combined mindful colouring with the practice of gratitude to create our Gratitude Mailing Kit which contains 12 unique cards. We have a set dedicated for teachers and one for everyone else in your little ones life.



Kids Yoga Mat

Made with 100% recycled tree rubber, our Kids' Yoga Mat features a luxurious soft mircofiber suede surface making it suitable and comfortable for little hands and feet to practice and play.



Yoga Memory Game

Our set of 24 yoga memory cards will inspire your little one to practice yoga while enhancing their concentration, cognitive function and encouraging mindfulness and physical movement.